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Gregory Belkov

Gregory Belkov

There is a saying: "Trading out of mind is only losing money". It could also be said about advertising. Today we have such opportunities in trading and advertising that everything works by itself. SMART banners, dynamic ads and other tools can learn on their own and bring store owners more profits while consuming less and less budget. Our experts can help you set up advertising platforms and project analytics to make SMART technology work for you.

Stages of work



The first thing to do is to leave an application for the service or package of services you are interested in.


We contact you and specify the work that is needed. We show you our cases and advise you. We prepare a preliminary proposal.

Choosing a strategy and setting up

We select the optimal strategy for your advertising company and begin setting it up


We're running an advertising campaign


We make the necessary adjustments


We provide a report on the advertising campaign (points 3 - 5 can be repeated after the report)

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Creating an advertising campaign for your site
As part of the "Advertising" service we will create an advertising campaign to attract more traffic to your site. There are several solutions to choose from, as well as a package of modules that allows you to quickly connect your store to advertising on the most powerful platforms Google, Facebook, Instagram.
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    The graph of the promotion efficiency
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    Table of advertising campaign indicators
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    Key figures of the advertising company
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    Advertising company statistics
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    The example of a brief report on an advertising campaign


    Dynamic advertising

    We create advertising on product feeds in search, smart banners, retargeting and google ad campaign

    from $375

    Campaign on categories and products

    Advertising campaigns will be created for categories, landing pages or filtered product groups by keywords

    from $720

    Buy Advertisement package for $1060 $985


    We' ll find the right advertising aggregator for you
    As part of the "Aggregators" service we choose the right aggregator for you. We work only with proven services such as Rees46,, SDEK.MARKET, Google Merchant Center, Yandex.Market

    Google Merchant Center








    Buy Aggregators package for $1060 $954

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