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CS-Cart Russian version, Ultimate
CS-Cart B2B, B2B & B2C
CS-Cart for Marketplaces, Plus, Ultimate


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CS-Cart Russian version

The Russian license of CS-Cart platform is suitable for quick launch of the store, has a wide range of features and ease of use

$ 307

CS-Cart Russian version Ultimate

CS-Cart version with additional features such as the ability to create an unlimited number of storefronts, and also use the multi-warehouse system

$ 594

CS-Cart B2B

CS-Cart for B2B projects allows you to register organizations. It has exceptional capabilities for running a B2B business

$ 2182

CS-Cart B2B & B2C

It has all the capabilities for B2C in addition to the capabilities of running your B2B business

$ 4219

CS-Cart for marketplaces

A unique solution on the market is a platform which allows you to launch a ready-made marketplace literally within two weeks

$ 3113

CS-Cart for Marketplaces Plus

Improved version of CS-Cart for marketplaces. It has key features for opening a marketplace, such as split payments, merging product cards from different vendors, mobile application for buyers and vendors and others.

$ 5625

CS-Cart for Marketplaces Ultimate

Maximum version for marketplaces. It is suitable for those who are confident in their business. It has unlimited subscription to updates, extended technical support, the ability to open additional storefronts, use the system of multishelving and fullfilment

$ 10188



The most perfect and flexible template for CS-Cart today. It greatly expands and improves the standard features of CS-Cart

from $ 238


Modern template with a unique solution for banners in categories. It is similar to Unitheme but has a different style

from $ 188

Useful add-ons

The "Live Search" add-on

The "Live Search" add-on is an alternative to cloud-based search services, but without a subscription fee.
Caching system using clustering provides maximum search speed in stores with a large number of items

$ 63

Logging in by SMS

The main login field is the telephone number (the email address can be disabled for registration and authorisation, it will remain for mail only). Authorisation by SMS is available

$ 50

Sending SMS PRO

The add-on allows you to make your SMS messages truly flexible, customer-friendly and convenient for shop managers

Information bar add-on

If you scroll down the screen a panel appears at the top of the screen with information

$ 7

"Feedback with photos and likes" Add-on
It allows customers to add photos to their reviews and likes to others'

$ 38

"Ordering optimisation" add-on

When placing an order, customers will not receive unnecessary notifications that such an account has already been created. The add-on recognises unlogged users and binds the order to their account. Automates the creation of a personal account for new users

$ 38

"Remind you about the review" add-on

This add-on will fill your website with product reviews and bring customers back to your shop after placing an order

$ 48

"Forgotten Cart by Email and SMS" add-on

It allows you to return customers who have not placed an order

$ 57

"Reactivating the client base" add-on

The add-on allows you to get your customers back using email marketing. Create a chain of emails with the add-on and it will send out emails to customers who previously bought from you but for some reason stopped buying from you

$ 57

"Until the gift is left" add-on

It shows your customers the amount of items left in the shopping cart to trigger the promotion. It increases your average receipt

$ 63

"Cross & Up sell" add-on package

The CS-Cart Cros & Upsell package adds features and functionality that are designed to increase the average receipt by cross-selling and motivating the user to buy more suitable counterparts

$ 138