SEO-promotion of stores and marketplaces on CS-Cart

SEO promotion of the site is necessary to:

1. Correct technical errors.
2. Improve the structure and navigation of the site.
3. Create pages for queries from the semantic core.
4. Get new loyal customers.

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Technical SEO
A set of works that includes correction of technical errors and optimization of site parameters for search engines. As a result, your project will be ready for SEO-promotion.
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A step-by-step process of site optimization based on improving pages for selected queries. Page refinement will help search engines better find and index products and categories.
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Grigory Belkov

Grigory Belkov

Search engine optimization (SEO) affects many aspects of the site, not only technical and semantic but also commercial. No promotion will help if the site does not sell. Moreover the ranking of such a site will fall. SEO is a comprehensive work aimed not only at increasing traffic from search engines, but also at increasing the income of your business.

Stages of work



The first thing to do is leave an request!


We contact you and negotiate the necessary list of works. We consult you on the operation of the site on CS-Cart, show our cases.


We conclude a contract for SEO-optimization and (or) SEO-support with a specified work plan.


After 50% prepayment we start the work. If necessary we discuss tasks together with you.

Project delivery

We deliver the project within the stipulated time and with the best quality.


Completion of the project is supported by a report on the work done and recommendations for further optimization.

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Technical SEO

Working with settings for better ranking in search
We recommend a set of technical SEO works for new sites and before the start of SEO support. Within two weeks we will set up all the minimum required parameters for search engines with a package of SEO add-ons from AlexBranding and register in the directories.
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    Conducting an audit and identifying errors
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    Performing work according to a checklist
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    We automate processes including the generation of meta-tags


    Technical SEO

    Work on improving the indexing of the site, setting up SEO-add-ons

    $ 437

    A package of SEO add-ons from AlexBranding is required to perform the work.

    SEO support

    The growth of positions in search, an increase in organic traffic
    SEO-support service is designed for 3 months and includes:
    - Competitor analysis;
    - Analysis of the client's site;
    - Search and correction of technical errors;
    - Work on internal optimization;
    - External optimization works.

    Example of internal optimization tasks:
    - Elaboration of 30 pages. Collecting keywords, writing optimized text and meta data, placement of materials.
    - Placing 10 articles on the site. Each volume of 2-3 thousand characters.

    Example of external optimization tasks:
    - Placement of 5 articles on third-party resources, 7 thousand characters and more.
    - Recommendations for the purchase of links.

    If necessary you can separately order the service "Compiling a semantic core" and "Creating SEO filters.
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      Requests in the output of the top 10
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      The mental map
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      91% of requests in the top 10


      SEO support

      SEO-work package from three months


      Creating a semantic core

      Collection of the semantic core for the site or major categories, clustering queries, suggestions for improving the structure

      from $313 
      plus $25 
      1,000 keys

      Creating SEO filters

      Creating 10 rules for SEO filters

      $ 625


      I have a new website. How do I start promoting it?
      It is necessary to prepare the "foundation" in the form of technical SEO. With the help of this set of works the site will get rid of start-up errors and begin to be indexed faster. Content in the form of products will be automatically promoted and attract the first traffic.
      Which is better advertising or SEO?
      Advertising gives instant results and allows you to get clients almost immediately but you pay for each click or display of an ad.

      SEO provides conditionally free traffic. You do not pay for conversions and can therefore promote the site for a large number of queries such as information.

      In general both methods are good to be engaged in both advertising and SEO combining and using their strengths.
      What is the difference between technical SEO and SEO-support?
      Search engines have certain technical quality requirements for successful ranking of a site in search.

      We have gathered all the work to optimize the site to these requirements in the service "Technical SEO". It includes many tasks performed once and a set of SEO add-ons that greatly improve the setting of parameters.

      In addition to meeting general technical requirements, the site should have a good structure, quality semantic content and content, and good conversion rates. These goals can be achieved as part of SEO support work. We take up to 30 pages of the site and manually optimize their content. We fully analyze the site and make recommendations to improve the usability and commercial factors, dealing with internal page linking and external optimization.
      How do I know which service is best for me?
      We recommend technical SEO for all sites as soon as possible. The essence of the work is to make the site visible to search robots and get as many pages as possible in the search results. We also set up add-ons to automatically fill in the meta data of the pages. Thus, the site itself starts to move in low-frequency queries (as a rule, it works well with product cards) and you get a boost in traffic.

      SEO-maintenance should begin after the technical SEO. By doing this work we optimize the pages of the site manually for user requests. Then we complete the pages by linking to internal pages and links to external resources. That way we gain traffic by medium and high-frequency queries.

      Compiling a semantic core is recommended in several cases:
      1. Creation of the optimal structure of the site. Changing the structure of the directory for full compliance with user requests.
      2. Expansion of the semantic base of the site. You want to develop the site, but do not know where to start - the semantic core will prompt how to expand the site and increase the depth.
      3. New ideas for expanding your business, new ideas for products or services. The semantic core includes all queries divided by direction. You will be able to understand what your potential clients are interested in now and offer them what they are looking for.

      Creating SEO filters applies when you have a need to create more landing pages. Such a need may arise after analyzing the semantic core. Thanks to SEO-filters you can fill the site with hundreds and even thousands of pages with low-frequency queries. Such queries are rarely searched but it is for this purpose is generated a large number of pages on which they can be found. In addition, the more accurate the query, the better the customer knows his needs. This means that they are already a hot customer who is looking for a convenient store to buy from.



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