We'll set up everything you need for CS-Cart

Setting up hosting

Basic setup

Moving from another CMS

Working with the catalog

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Setting up hosting

Setting up a VPS

It' s necessary to prepare the right environment for high-loaded projects on CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor. We will prepare and set up a server (physical or virtual), deploy CS-Cart on it.


Selecting Hosting and installing on hosting

We will help you choose a hosting that will satisfy the laws of your country, can withstand the load and will have a good support service. The service also includes setup/preparation of hosting for CS-Cart project and installation of CS-Cart


Installing and configuring the CMS and template

The work is required during the initial setup of the store. It includes installing and configuring CS-Cart, installing the template and modules, basic configuration of the template and motivation block, filling info pages with the information provided, filling contact information and connecting online chat


Moving the store to CS-Cart

Transferring a product group

Transferring products with preservation of site structure, menus, SEO positions. The price includes a add-on for tracking 404 errors and importing rules for 301 redirect

from $500

Transferring a blog

Transferring a blog from your site

from $125

Transferring reviews

Transferring reviews from your site

from $125

Transferring a customer database

Transferring a customer database from your site

from $250

Transfer orders

Transferring orders is a complex procedure that requires adding data to many tables and carefully checking the correctness of their filling. Therefore the cost can be significantly more expensive depending on the size and structure of your database

from $625

Working with the catalog

Work with the product database (editing, loading, filling)

Editing, uploading, filling, creating filters, features, variations. Delegate the store routine to professionals


Menu creation

Creating and editing all menu groups. Header, Main, Basement


Making a catalog taking into account the semantic core

We will analyze your product groups and make the right structure of the catalog for your site


"Vendor Price List Automation" add-on

The add-on helps to automate work with XLS, XLSX, XML and CSV price lists of suppliers, Excel formats. This add-on parses any price without any restrictions on the format and size of the price


Configuring the automation of one supplier's price list

We set up a turnkey automatic download of one price through the "Vendor Price Automation" add-on.


"Unfilled goods" add-on

The add-on during the work in the admin panel in the advanced search settings a group of filters to search for incomplete data for the product. It allows you to track problematic products

from $25

Export/import of multi-window add-on

The add-on allows you to export and import prices, descriptions and other fields for each individual storefront. It' s an indispensable add-on for multi-window stores


Automation of suppliers' price lists - import of prices, residuals and goods

The add-on helps to automate work with XLS, XLSX, XML and CSV price lists of suppliers, Excel formats. This add-on parses any pricelist, with no restrictions on the format and size of the pricelist

from $188

Export/import categories

Allows you to load and unload categories in the store and also all the additional fields for categories

from $44

Characteristics in individual columns

It allows you to unload from the site characteristics of products broken down into separate columns



Creating roles and positions in CS-Cart and differentiation of access levels, creating a map of roles

Restricting the level of access will not only help avoid information leaks but also it protects against accidental or intentional damage


Server password audit (database, FTP, SSH, hosting, domain)

We' ll check and change all passwords from your resources


Setting up Google Authorization

We' ll connect the authentication in the admin panel of the site through a Google account


Implementing password manager + training + password creation structure according to the Role Map

Usually access management is not given the attention it deserves. It can be fixed by introducing a password manager into the organization, as well as appropriate regulations


Domain Security

A set of works focused on ensuring the security of your domain


Setting up captcha for CS-Cart from Google (reCAPTCHA v2)

Google reCAPTCHA performs verification in just one click by analyzing user behavior unlike the standard anti-bot which offers to enter a code from a distorted image.


Buy "Security" package for $938 $850