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Andrei Vavilov

Andrei Vavilov

My name is Vavilov Andrei. I am the head of studio which develops online stores on the CS-Cart platform. I am also the owner of online stores and I want to briefly talk about the history of our studio. How we started, how we developed and what we have achieved. That is why our customers choose to develop their stores.

A bit of history


A bit of history

So the studio started operating in 2015. But its history began much earlier when a team of like-minded professionals came together. At first we didn't develop websites, and provided server administration services on the basis of Linux.

Initially we took on the development of any sites. But when developing multidirectional projects we encountered another difficulty - the human factor. Many customers wanted to have their own site but could not clearly answer the most important question: "What is the purpose of creating a resource?"

In the end this line of business allowed us to gain good experience. But administration had no prospects for the further development of the company. As a result we found ourselves looking for a new course.

And this is what our first logo looked like
The turning point was the case when one of our clients asked to develop an online store. When we studied the possible options, their advantages and disadvantages we decided to make it based on the CS-Cart platform. The result is very pleased not only the client but also us. And most importantly this direction turned out to be very interesting and promising. The client was also very pleased with a very reasonable price tag.

That is why our team unanimously decided to focus exclusively on the development of online stores, so as each project implies a clearly defined technical task. And as time showed the choice was the right one. In three years we managed to become CS-Cart Gold Certified Partners. Since 2015 we've created a huge number of resources of different levels of complexity. We helped a lot of clients to optimize and improve their existing sites which gave a new impetus to the development of their business.

Our team has thoroughly studied the subtleties and nuances that are important for a quick start of an online store. That is why studio creates not just online stores at the request of the customer, but the most effective resources that start generating income quickly. We are interested in loyal customers, so we try to help the development of their business as much as possible. This approach to business has ensured our company a certain success.

We're now

7 years of experience started as a Linux 2 Business company. Initially we did not develop websites and provided server administration services on the basis of Linux. But rather quickly we changed over to the development of online stores on the CS-Cart platform.

Own stores

300 +

Developed add-ons

250 +

Completed projects

Sole proprietor Vavilov AndreI

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Georgia, Adjara, Batumi, Israfil Jincharadze St., 7
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