CS-Cart integration with RetailCRM and amoCRM

We set up CS-Cart store integration with RetailCRM and amoCRM. We fine-tune the integration add-ons to meet your company's requirements.
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Why set up integration?

Integration with RetailCRM and amoCRM automates work with orders. Your orders from the site go into a unified customer service system.
How does it work?

We set up integration add-ons for the site and CRM. If the standard features are not enough - we'll make modifications.
What kind of result will I get?

RetailCRM and amoCRM instantly receive orders from the site. Your sales department or call center can work with them right away, no need to go back to the site.


Integration with RetailCRM

It includes add-on for integration with RetailCRM, its installation and basic configuration

from $425

Setting up RetailCRM

Fine-tune the add-on and the CRM to the business processes of the company

from $300

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Integration with amoCRM

It includes add-on for integration with amoCRM, its installation and basic configuration

from $425

Setting up amoCRM

Fine-tune the add-on and CRM to fit the company's business processes

from $300

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Integration options


Order processing

CRM receives requests from all sales sources and forms a single list of orders. Operators work in one program to view balances, invoicing, ordering, and other operations.


Data on all customers in one place. Segment customer groups and send personalized newsletters. Use a loyalty program to retain demand.


Supervising store operations

The analytics section of the CRM systematically displays the situation in the store: the performance of orders and customers, popular categories and products, the quality of employees, the financial efficiency of the store.

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