Development of CS-Cart based marketplaces of goods and services

We develop for you an optimized online platform to provide products and services
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CMS CS-Cart store platform
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Setting up your store
We'll set up everything you need for CS-Cart
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Development of add-ons and solutions for your project
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Our experts will provide support for your business
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Audit and consulting
We'll audit the site on CS-Cart
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CS-Cart integration with payment and delivery services, with 1C, My Warehouse and InfoApteka, with RetailCRM and amoCRM
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We'll choose and insist on the best advertising campaign.
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SEO promotion of stores
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We'll perform design or layout for your project
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Processes and alerts
Development of business processes and alerts
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Andrey Vavilov

Andrey Vavilov

"Developing marketplaces is quite a complex and very interesting task. Experience in this matter plays an important role. CS-Cart platform is great for small regional marketplaces because it has the necessary functionality and friendly interface.

However, it is worth remembering that large projects will always require tweaks and customized solutions. It is important to consider the specifics of your market and the needs of your target audience to create a truly unique product that will be competitive and successful in its specific niche."

Stages of work 



The first thing to do is leave an application!


We contact you, clarify your requirements and business idea. If there is specification it's already half of the job. We consult you on the work of the site on CS-Cart, show our cases. We discuss with you what you need to do for your marketplace. By results of the conference we form a preliminary list of works, terms and cost of the project.



We conclude a contract for the development of the marketplace, on the basis of which we carry out an agreed list of works. Usually this includes setting up the marketplace, layout, programming, design and filling of the site.


We assign you to a manager and bring up a project to develop a new marketplace in the Aspro.Cloud CRM. Or it is an Agile project.

Project delivery

We deliver the project within the stipulated time and with the best quality.


  • Изображение
    YOZO is an online store, marketplace and business marketplace with products for organizations, entrepreneurs, retail, office and street spaces

  • Изображение
    BASH.MARKET is a marketplace created with the support of the Ministry of Trade and Services of the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • Изображение
    «NAMARKET» works as a marketplace where you can find things for all occasions.
  • Изображение
    HOPSHOP is the first tele-shop in Uzbekistan
  • Изображение

    Marketplace of finishing materials «Kafel.Market» offers a variety of finishing options for the premises.

    Do you still have a lot of questions?

    Leave a request and our manager will consult you!


    Is it possible to pay in installments?
    Making a marketplace is a big undertaking, which we always divide into parts.
    That's why you can also pay in stages.
    How long does it take to start up?
    Here, as with the price, it all depends on the specific marketplace. We can deploy a basic version of CS-Cart in 2 days. On average, we do marketplaces in 3 to 5 months.
    Do you work with NDA?
    Yes. If necessary, we'll sign a nondisclosure agreement.

    I need SEO promotion. Will you do it?
    The СS-Cart license includes technical SEO. We write meta tags and register the site in search engines. After the launch, we take on a comprehensive SEO, collect a semantic kernel and write articles on broad keywords.
    I have a special case. The standard functions of CS-Cart are not enough. Can you finish it?
    Of course. We solve any problem with platform modifications.
    I need a storage system. Can you do it?
    We integrate marketplaces with any system, including warehousing. We recommend "My Warehouse", we set it up in 3 days.
    Do you provide tech support?
    Of course. The marketplace is always dynamic and needs to be maintained and improved. The standard support package includes 30 hours of programmers' work. This is usually enough.
    Would there be a problem with updating the platform?
    No, it won't. We do everything the right way. We wrap each modification into add-on and enter it into the knowledge base that we maintain for each client.

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