Store development on CMS CS-Cart

Setting up a store from scratch, transfer of stores and products, development of modules, any other services for the launch of the store on CMS CS-Cart

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Site management system "CS-Cart for stores" or "CS-Cart for stores + Site template Unitheme2
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Setting up the store
Setting up the appearance of the design theme, banners, checkout page, payment, delivery and other add-ons
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Development of the add-ons of any complexity in accordance with CS-Cart standards
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Technical support and any service work for new and existing stores
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Audit and consulting
Audit of the site on CS-Cart with recommendations to improve the store
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CS-Cart integration with payment and delivery services, warehousing systems (1C, "My Warehouse" and "InfoApteka"), and customer relationship management systems (RetailCRM, amoCRM)
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Selecting and adjusting the optimal advertising campaign
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Optimization of technical parameters and SEO-maintenance
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Development of a unique store design and layout
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Processes and alerts
Development of business processes and alerts
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Ekaterina Erokhina

Ekaterina Erokhina

It doesn't matter if you have an online store or are just planning to open one. We transfer your existing stores to CS-Cart or develop them from scratch. We will discuss and offer the best solution and promptly perform the work. After the launch we are ready to provide support on all issues.

Stages of work



The first thing you need to do is leave an application!


We contact you, clarify your requirements and business idea. If you have the specification, that's half the battle. We consult you on the work of the site on CS-Cart and show our cases. We discuss with you what you have to do for your store. As a result of the conference we form a preliminary list of works, terms and cost of the project.


We conclude a contract for the development of the store, on the basis of which we carry out an agreed list of works. Usually it is setting up the store, layout, programming, work on the design and filling the site.


We assign you to a manager and bring up a project to develop a new store in the Aspro.Cloud CRM. Or it's an Agile project.


When we work on tasks, we test the appearance and functionality ourselves at first. Then we pass it to you for testing, and we make corrections according to the results of the feedback.

Project delivery

We deliver the project within the stipulated time and with the best quality.

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  • Изображение is one of our best projects. Complex integrations, modern design.
  • Изображение Aerosystems
  • Изображение
    Food supply for home and business
  • Изображение is our personal online store. We often use it to run tests on various add-ons.
  • Изображение
    Sale of spare parts and repair of Apple equipment
  • Изображение
    Hello Farfor
  • Изображение
    The major supplier of building materials in the Moscow region


    How much does it cost to launch a CS-Cart store?
    This is a very broad question and there is no simple answer. Everything will depend on the amount of work you put into this question. On average we launch a store MVP for 200 thousand rubles.
    How long does it take to start up?
    Developing a new store and bringing it to a working version takes about 4 weeks, provided there is no custom development or implementation of your design. But we recommend reserving another 4 to 8 weeks before a full launch to fine-tune business processes and polish details.
    I have a special case, the standard functions of CS-Cart is not enough, finish it?
    Yes, of course. We have a large staff of developers who are able to write a modification of any complexity, please contact!
    There won't be a problem with platform upgrades?
    We adhere to CS-Cart logic when developing sites and add-ons, so problems with updates are minimized. Nevertheless, if you have no experience in administering CS-Cart sites, we recommend ordering updates from official partners or CS-Cart support.
    I need a storage system. Can you do it?
    Yes, we can connect you to Mysklad or 1C or any other warehousing system of your choice. If necessary, we will refine or create an integration for your business processes. You can see more details on the page of integration with warehouse systems.
    I need SEO promotion, will you do it?
    Yes, we provide services for SEO, there are different rates. You can learn more on the page on SEO promotion.
    Do you provide tech support?
    Yes, we do support stores, you can learn more on the page on technical support.
    Do you work with NDA?
    Yes, if necessary, we will sign a NDA before we start working on the project.

    Is it possible to pay in installments?
    Yes, we usually split the bill as follows: 100% prepayment for software (CS-Cart license, template, add-ons) + 50% for services. The remaining 50% after completion of the project. But if your project involves extensive staged work, you can pay for each stage.

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