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The team of experts with seven years of experience will support your business

Bonuses on the buy of any tariff:
• 25% discount on all add-ons of our development
• Data backup on an independent server
• Twenty-four-hour technical support in a critical situation
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Technical support services for the site on CS-Cart

10 hours service
10 hours of expert work on your site. The tariff is designed for small tasks such as fixing bugs or updating CS-Cart.
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25 hours service
This is the optimal rate in terms of cost per hour. It is suitable for systematic work on the store for 1-2 months.
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40 hours service
This is the rate with the most favorable cost per hour. It is best suited for large online stores and marketplaces with daily support needs.
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Duty manager from 10am to 10pm on weekdays and weekends
This is an additional service to any support plan. It is indispensable for high-loaded sites when downtime and failures are unacceptable. An on-call specialist will answer by phone or chat and promptly troubleshoot the site on any day of the week.
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Ekaterina Yerokhina

Ekaterina Yerokhina

The quality of the organization of work on the site is half the success of the project. That's why we assign a project manager to each client. The project manager knows exactly how to formulate your task and who to pass it to in order to return with the result on time and with the best quality.

Work Stages 



The first thing we need to do is leave an application!


We contact you and negotiate the necessary list of works. We consult you on the operation of the site on CS-Cart and show our cases.


We conclude a service agreement on the basis of which the tasks of design, writing texts, filling content, configuration, layout and programming can be performed.


We assign a manager and raise the project in Aspro.Cloud CRM for the paid number of hours. We discuss and set tasks together.


At the end of the work we provide a report on the tasks.

New project

Repeat steps 4 and 5 any number of times :-)

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10 hours service

This rate is for a small number of tasks


25 hours service

This rate is optimal for working on the store for 1-2 months


40 hours service

This is perfect for a large load of large stores and marketplaces


Duty manager

It's a hotline with a specialist for urgent store support tasks

630 $/

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    The Telegram chat of the administrator on duty
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    Support project

    Select a service option


    How do you keep track of time spent?
    We use the Aspro.Cloud project management system to manage projects. Every specialist turns the timer on at the beginning of the task and turns it off at the end.
    How do you keep track of how much time was spent on this or that task and on the project as a whole?
    You will be given access to our project management system Aspro.Cloud. In the system you will see the used hours for each task and for the project. In addition you can request a task report from your manager.
    How do I make sure that the time was spent on the task and not on the specialist's personal business?
    It is also important for us to correctly account for the time spent on the task. To do this we make a preliminary estimate and try to stick to it. The actual labor costs may take more or less time but on average our project forecasts are accurate.

    In the project management system where we will give, you access you will be able to see the time spent on each task and on the project.

    At the end of the reporting period the manager provides a report on the completed tasks and the spent time. If you think the task took more time than it should have you can dispute it with the manager.
    I don't need support by the hour. I only need to do a number of small works.
    You can take a rate with a small number of hours. We will complete the tasks on your list. The rest of the time will be frozen.

    The fact is that there are very small tasks that take more time to evaluate than to complete. In addition we spend time on negotiations, the design of the project and tasks in the system, discussion of tasks with specialists. So it is optimal to work with such tasks only in the service format.


    • Изображение
      Lubov Smirnova
      Director of pechnik-rzn.ru
      Huge thanks to the entire team of technical support MakeShop.pro for the rapid response and most importantly solving problems and errors on the site. Thanks to you noticed the blockage and helped to quickly "move" to a safe hosting and not to lose all the files of the site. We can no longer imagine our work without your support. Thank you, prosperity and growth!
    • Изображение
      Victor Ratner
      Owner of the store boom-ba-boom.ru
      This is a great team with the appropriate competencies. I am very pleased with the work with the guys. They perform the set tasks clearly and on time, offer their own solutions, look for options. They are not stuck on classical templates. They adequately assess themselves and their work. My best recommendations. In the future there is no question of choosing performers. I will only work with them.
    • Изображение
      Alexey Bespalov
      Technical Director of CDL.ru
      Great integrator! They helped me to optimize the business processes of our organization for CS-Cart. They transferred all data from the old site quickly and efficiently. They also implemented complex add-ons according to our TOR. My choice is MakeShop.pro. I recommend it to everyone!

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